Kahoot Smasher – Smashit Tool to Smash any Kahoot Quiz

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You shouldn’t be confused with thousands of Kahoot spam tools online with many names but serving a single purpose. However, quality of the tools and accuracy it works with matters so we recommend getting another of our powerful tool called Kahoot Smasher.

Kahoot Smasher was introduced recently which aims to flood a kahoot game session with spam bot, however, keeping it real and natural. Also, it has the ability of surpassing any school’s kahoot security system which have implemented to protect against bots.

As far as its basic introduction is concerned, Kahoot Smasher is a free online tool using which you can flood any kahoot game session with fake bots for fun purposes or get yourself from failing since a flood session can make a teacher end it for good.

If you want to get the Kahoot Smasher extension for your web browser, you can download it right now from our website.

What is Kahoot Smasher Spam Tool?

Kahoot Smasher is a free online tool developed by our team to help you achieve your successfully flooding a Kahoot game session against the strict security protocol of your school against the hacks. While other tools are failing, this latest one is a true success.

By using various techniques of hacking and powerful servers to make it happen, we have been victorious at developing this tool which uses different IP addresses and virtual servers at a time to beat the security system of any school.

Also, we have kept its interface quite simple so that it might not confuse the users while using it. The point is, we have tried to keep it simple while beating the most powerful of online security systems.

How does our Kahoot Smasher spam tool works?

The old-school interface was again utilized for this tool, however, it is more powerful to beat any online security system. When you add the game pin, number of bots, and their names, this tool just needs to be clicked and it will get the job done.

If the security system succeeds in blocking one or a few IPs, it wouldn’t certainly be able to block other hundreds which are coming right at him. These IPs come from the different virtual servers showing the location of bots from different countries.

Also, the interface we have developed is quite simple and while the tool is so powerful, we have made it accessible to everyone. How it actually works will be discussed in a series of steps mentioned in upcoming step-by-step guide.

How to use Kahoot Smasher tool?

Kahoot Smasher is definitely one of the finest and easiest Kahoot spammer which you can use online. No matter how easy its use, some people are new to it and they could use a proper guide for it. Listed below are the steps about how this tool works:

  • First, locate the tool on the front page of our online website.
  • Now, copy the game pin from your teacher’s session and paste it in the tool.
  • In the second and third step, add the number of bots and name them.
  • In the end, click the ‘Spam It’ button and get things done quickly.  

Kahoot Smasher Extension Download:

We know that you have been craving for an extension for quite a long time. We ensure that it will be available for download soon enough, however, we cannot provide the exact date of release since we have to make the one which shall easily be integrated into all browsers.

The Kahoot Smasher extension developed by us will work all browsers and it will be even easier to use than the website tool itself. To download the Kahoot smasher extension, stay tuned to this page in the future.

Is it safe to use Kahoot Smasher hack tool?

Well, it is absolutely safe to be used online because no detection software is going to catch you. However, when you are using it in the class, just make sure that you don’t get caught while using it otherwise, strict potential action shall be taken by your school.

Also, it is wise to use it often with friends because in school, the risks are greater and you also giveaway your chance of learning better things. Just do whatever you want but be wise about it.