Kahoot Answer – The Best Auto Answer Tool For Kahoot

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If you are too lazy to study for the test your teacher might take in a Kahoot session in the school, you could use a Kahoot Answers hack. Yes, it is available on our website and for the bonus in this guide, we have also added the Kahoot answers spam tool for you guys.

What is Kahoot Answers?

The students who have been using Kahoot in schools for years are familiar with the most common spam hack for this game-based learning platform. However, Kahoot Answers is a relatively unheard term about which a very students know so today we are here to make your life easy.

Kahoot Answers is the latest tool we have added in the arsenal which allows you to automatically answer the questions given in the game. Being a new tool, this isn’t a very accurate one but it certainly gets the job done most of the time.

If you are one of those students who were waiting for this promising kahoot answer hack then you are just at the right place to get it. To understand it better, you can think of it as a kahoot answer spam just like the bots which is another hack for it.

In this guide, we are going to tell you more about both tools and how they work. Two step-by-step guides for kahoot answer bot and kahoot spam bot are covered in this session.

How does our Kahoot Answers tool work?

The developers in our team have applied a rather simple science to get this tool done. It is just like when you enter the game pin for kahoot bots and all the bots get flooded in the session. In this tool, the questions get answered automatically or manually instead of the bots.

For your understanding, we have applied a very simple algorithm to make this tool work. The code works in a way that it connects your current game session to the database and compares the questions to the ones already present in the database.

If the answers for the questions asked in the session are present in the database, you will see them integrated in the kahoot answer cheat screen. You can get them integrated automatically but to make it look natural, add the answers in your way.

On the other hand, we are also introducing our kahoot spam tool in this guide which uses the game pin, number of bots, and bot names to flood a session of game with the bots you required to flood the session. Well, it is the same traditional one.

How to use our Kahoot Answers and Kahoot spam tool?

This section will contain the step-by-step guides for both the mentioned tools. Note that the first tool has a definitive guide but the accuracy of the tool is not 100% since every time new questions can be asked by your teacher.

So without any further do, here is our first Kahoot answers step-by-step guide:

  • First, enter our website and create an account for Kahoot Answers.
  • The tool is not paid but still you need the account for it.
  • After creating an account, log in to the website.
  • Now, copy the game pin from the session and paste it here.
  • Also, you will need to enter the password to get the answers.

It is better when you get the answers and add them manually so that the suspicion might not be raised upon you. As far as the Kahoot bot spam tool generator is concerned, our definitive guide for the tool is mentioned below:

  • Enter the website and find the tool on the home page.
  • Copy and paste the game pin of the session over in the tool.
  • Also, add the number of bots while keeping it natural.
  • Adding names for the bots is better but is also optional.
  • Now click the ‘spam it’ button and get it done.

Is it safe to use Kahoot Answers hack in the classroom?

Yes, it is definitely safe, however, it is not 100% and you might still have some answer to find for yourself. Don’t ever get caught while using the kahoot answer cheat since it can get you expelled from the school if you aren’t being careful.